Currently, most rich people are turning to alternative methods of investments to suit their desired ambitions and goals. Pink diamonds is one of the booming investments which are driving people wild making them break the bank. Pink diamonds mined from Argyle in Australia are experiencing a very high demand in the mineral market across the world. Many investors take pink diamond investments to be a haven worth inputting their millions. Neil Duttson, founder of Duttson rocks, says that many people are in love with the diamond investments. He is involved in the supply of valuable stones to celebrities and other top class investors.

Due to the tangibility of this asset, pink diamond investments from the diamond broker act as a solid way to invest in physical products by putting money where your mouth is! Over the years, pink diamonds have drastically increased in value causing a shift in the investment market. The Graff pink diamond was sold by Geneva back in 2010 for a record price of 30 million dollars through an auction.

The Chinese people are dumping their many ways of investing in real estate and venturing into this buzzing business. Other people are using pink diamonds investments as a way of saving inheritance for their kids and coming generations. The pink diamond is currently one of the hardest gem to find. Research indicates that in every 10,000 white stones, a pink diamond is found. It depicts the net worth value of pink diamond investments is quite obscene.

Since the only mine possessing pink diamonds in Australia is due to closure soon, many investors are taking this time as the most valuable moment to exchange their millions for this salient stone. The world has at least 34 jewelers who are allowed to purchase and sell this pink diamond. The pink diamonds fall into two groups; there are the light colored ones and the intensely colored pinkies. The intensely colored ones are giving the light colored a run for their money. To know more about diamonds,visit

Andrew White is a strategist in the investment industry, and he advises that an investor needs consultancy services before venturing in the pink diamond investment. It is because, just as gold, the diamond market varies from time in investments return. One should check what type of season it is before investing in pink diamonds. Pink diamonds are soon going to be rendered as rare stones in the market when the closure of the Australian mine takes effect. Therefore, it is the prime time that people need to spend their monies in the pink diamond investments.